About Shiok Ridge

Shiok Ridge Kennel, LLC is a family owned kennel near Green Bay, Wisconsin owned by Kelley & Erika Tatroe. We initially began our bird dog obsession with Labrador Retrievers many years ago; however, after numerous years of agony and heartbreak due to poor genetic health of the breed. We decided to seek a different breed. That is when we found the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. In 2010, we put a deposit down on a pup and joined our local NAVHDA chapter so we knew what we were getting into as this was our first pointing bird dog. We picked Nullah up in June of 2011 and we fell in LOVE. She was a bird machine in the field and a lovable couch potato at home and best of all and most importantly...she is healthy.

We trained and worked with her for a year and then ran her in our first NAVHDA Natural Ability test in June of 2012. She scored a 110 – Prize 1. We were ecstatic. Then in February of 2012, we acquired our second Griff, Nico, from Coppershot Kennel in Iowa. Nico and Nullah couldn’t be more opposite in personality, but in the field, they are all business and in the house, they are both lovable as can be.

All the while, we were training Nullah to run in the NAVHDA Utility test, which we finally did in August of 2014. We ran her on a Saturday and she received a Prize III due to a nervous first time handler error. We turned around and ran her on Sunday and she passed with a perfect score 204 – Prize 1. Off to the big show in Ohio…the NAVHDA Invitational in 2015. Nullah didn’t receive her Versatile Championship title; again, due to handler nerves. But we were hooked….on the breed and the competition!

Nico ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at the age of 5 months and received a Prize III. She then ran her NAVHDA Utility test in August of 2016 and achieved a perfect score 204 – Prize 1 and she was 6 months pregnant at the time! She is quite the Rockstar!!

We have been breeding these two wonderful dogs since 2015. We waited to breed our girls until we could prove their abilities thru the NAVHDA testing system and until we did our homework in regards to health clearances. Our girls have excellent hips, are KBKB and their eyes are clear. Their coats are dense and harsh field coats and they have excellent temperaments. All of our girls and pups have dual registration – NAVHDA & AKC.

We also have Kam and Huddie. Kam is from our A Litter, Nico x Deuce. Huddie is from our B Litter, Nullah x Deuce. These two pups each have 5 NAVHDA Versatile Champions in their bloodlines and are showing tremendous abilities. They will be following in their ancestor’s footsteps!

Needless to say, we are passionate about our dogs and trying to do our part to better the breed! Anyone is welcome to visit our kennel and meet our dogs and us at any time. We are also an authorized dealer for Sportdog Systems, Dogtra and DT Systems; therefore, if you need any recommendations for training tools or equipment, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our Dogs


Shiok Ridge’s Apple of My Eye – Kam

  • Natural Ability Prize II – 103 @ 7 Months
  • AKC Junior Hunter 4/4
  • 3 Leg Earned Towards AKC Senior Hunter
  • Passed AKC Water Test
  • KBKB by Parentage
  • PennHIP .17 L & .31 R
  • 5 Versatile Champions in Bloodlines
  • CERF
  • Elbows – OFA Normal
  • Thyroid – OFA Normal
  • Dense & Medium Harsh Coat
Pedigree PennHIP


Shiok Ridge’s Alba – Woodie

  • Natural Ability Prize 1 – 112 @ 10 Months
  • KBKB by Parentage
  • PennHIP .33 L & .25 R
  • Medium Harsh & Medium Dense Coat
Pedigree PennHIP

CH SooNipi Point’s Joyau Du Midwest – Tripp

  • Natural Ability Prize 1 -​​ 112 @ 4 Months
  • KBKB by Parentage
  • PennHIP .16 L & .14 R
  • Eastern Korthal Series Derby – 1st Place
  • Medium Harsh & Medium Dense Coat
  • AKC Champion
  • Eyes – OFA Normal
  • Thyroid OFA Normal
Pedigree PennHIP AKC Champion


Coppershot’s Diva – Nico

  • Natural Ability Prize III @ 5 Months
  • Utility Prize I 204
  • 4 Leg Earned Towards AKC Master Hunter
  • Passed AKC Water Test
  • KBKB by Parentage
  • PennHIP .23 L & .26 R
  • CERF
  • Thyroid – OFA Normal
  • Elbows – OFA Normal
  • Dense & Medium Harsh Coat
Pedigree PennHIP Progeny


  • Training

    We believe there isn't a one size fits all training program. Therefore, we provide customizable training programs for each owner/dog based on your goals and life style with our train the trainer program. We do not take dogs in for training, but instead we train the owner how to train their dog.

  • Equipment

    We are an authorized dealer for SportDog, DT Systems and Dogtra. If you are in need of any training equipment or are looking for recommendations, please contact us and we can provide you with access as well as our recommendations.

  • Boarding

    We provide dog boarding on a limited basis for our puppy buyers as a courtesy, if we are available. We, however, do not board dogs when we have a litter on the ground. Up to date core vaccinations are required including Bordetella (on a six month vaccination schedule) and Canine Influenza.

  • Puppies

    On average, we breed 1-2 litters a year. All of our pups are sold with limited registration, which may be removed once specific requirements are met. We only sell to hunting homes.

Interested in a puppy?